About Me


Hi! My name is Stefan and I’m a software engineer.

I work as a Senior Consultant @NovaTec Consulting GmbH in Stuttgart. There I’m the Topic Lead for Test Automation and active in a Competence Group called Agile Quality Engineering. My work allows me to be a part of several open source projects sponsored by NovaTec:

  • https://github.com/testIT-WebTester/webtester2-core
  • https://github.com/testIT-LivingDoc/livingdoc2
  • https://github.com/testIT-ResultRepository/resultrepository-core

On technical topics I usually blog on our official Blog. This website is more of a private outlet for all kinds of stuff.

Besides my work being also one of my hobbies, I love movies, tv-series, games and traveling to famous places around the world.