Rating: Fantastic Cliffnotes: Fantastic Story Complex Layered Thought Provoking Fantastic World Building Androids and their relationship with humanity and each other Different kinds of machines (pacifists, religious, militant, fun-loving, philosophical etc.) Fantastic Gameplay Different approaches needed for different enemies. Weapons

NieR: Automata (100%)

  Rating: Simply Fantastic Cliffnotes: Fantastic Story Aloy is an excellent protagonist. The fate of the ‘ancient’ world was incredibly compelling. Every question about the world is answered in a clever way. Parts of the story hit me and made me think about the state of our world. Fantastic World Building Look […]

Horizon: Zero Dawn (100%)

  Rating: Fantastic Game Cliffnotes: Fantastic Gameplay On par with Dark Souls and Bloodborne Good improvements over ‘classical’ gameplay mechanics. Interesting Setting Unimportant Story Good Graphics


  Rating: Fantastic Cliffnotes: Solid horror story. Creepy setting. Real horror instead of cheap jump-scares. Finally got me into Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Skyrim Title
The good, the bad and the ugly: + Gigantic world full of quests and adventure + It’s The Elder Scrolls … – Typical Bethesda Games issues: Graphics, Character Models etc. Score: 10 / 10

The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim (Special Edition)

Playstation VR
Games & Experiences Scoring is done in relation to what VR currently is capable of! Scores are not comparable to “classic” games. Allumette Nice Experience – not a game! Score: NA Batman: Arkham VR (100%) + I’m Batman! + Detective Work + Easter Eggs + Story + Locomotion – Short Score: […]

Playstation VR

Mafia III
Third part of the Mafia series set in a fictional New Orleans.

Mafia III